Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1 - Raising Money

    • Why You Should Raise Money to Buy Apartment Buildings

    • 3 Tips to Find Your Potential Investors

    • What Apartment Building Investors Want and How to Give it to Them

    • Why to Avoid Taking Money from Sophisticated Investors

    • The Key to Raising Money for Apartment Buildings from Private Investors - The Secret Revealed

    • How to Create a Sample Deal Package

    • How to Conduct Your First Meeting with a Potential Investor

    • What Kind of Legal Entity Should You Use - Introduction to the Operating Agreement

    • 5 Ways to Structure the Investment

    • Tour of the Operating Agreement

    • Tour of the Partnership Agreement

    • Avoiding Prison When Syndicating Real Estate Deals

    • The Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) - Should you issue a PPM to your investors

    • The Subscription Agreement

    • Working with Your Attorney

    • Unlocking Massive Capital in your Investors' IRA and 401k Accounts

    • Chapter Summary

  • 2

    Documents & Downloads

    • Credibility Cover Letter

    • Intro Email

    • Letter of Intent to Invest

    • One Pager

    • Sample Deal Package - New Hampshire

  • 3

    Syndicator Legal Library Downloads

    • Private Placement Memorandum PPM Sample

    • SEC Form D

    • Subscription Agreement Sample

    • Virginia Form 1

    • Equity and Voting Breakdown - XYZ Investments LLLP

    • Operating Agreement Template

    • Partnership Agreement Template